Semi-finals Recap

Game 29 on Dead Before Dawn was perhaps the most anticipated semi final match – a direct contest between two highly-decorated veterans of competitive L4D2 – Asian vs Purple. While the former’s team had very strong form on the back of two dominant match victories in succession, the latter seemed to possess more past experience and knowledge of the lengthy and enduring custom campaign.

What ensued was a very close game between both teams. However, the momentum was always slightly in favour of Bravo Sucks At Tetris as they got a very marginal lead in map 1 and constantly edged ahead of Coach Dave’s Academy on points in every single chapter. Purple’s team even managed to reach the safe room of the lengthy maps 3 and 4. On average though, the difference between both teams was only about 100 points per chapter!

David might rue the missed opportunity when his survivor team looked in fantastic shape in map 3 without a single incap heading towards a late tank spawn in the map. This was without a doubt THE key moment of the entire match because despite all the pressure, Ragecake controlled her tank adequately enough to get an early incap on Leki and the support backed her up to seal a wipe and shut down the opposing team’s momentum.

Game 30 on Urban Flight was a very similar story – Lovebone constantly edging their advantage chapter after chapter to make life harder for Pink Slip. The former clearly practised the custom campaign in advance far more than the latter team did but despite that, Trice’s team still kept themselves in contention for the whole duration. But at no point during the match did it seem as if there was a key moment of any kind where if Pink Slip had dome something differently, the outcome would have been different too.

So in the end, the Trice factor clearly wasn’t enough at this stage of the competition to keep the man himself on course for a hat-trick of Mavwar tournament titles. He’ll have his work cut out to even finish in the top 3 against David’s team. Will it be a close game, or will one team thrash the other in fury and go out with a bang?

In other news, we can confirm that the captains have nominated their team members for the MIP award at the end of the competition. But due to the nature of how MVP voting has transpired and the fact that there is prize money on the line for this award too, we decided NOT to open a public voting poll. Instead, it will be discussed and voted on by tournament staff only to fairly determine which nominee truly has improved the most and deserves the award. Here are the nominees:

Bravo Sucks At Tetris – Ragecake
Lovebone – Vanille
Coach Dave’s Academy – Lupe
Pink Slip – Impressive

The table of MVP awards as it stands after the semi finals! It lists only the players whose teams are still in the competition and the eliminated players who have more than one MVP vote. Remember, the highest tally of awards at the end of the season, will determine who wins MVP of the tournament.

Rails Barlow (3)
Purple (3)
Trice (3)
Dusty (3)
Bravo (3)
Lupe (2)
Vanille (1)
David (1)
Leki (1)

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