Round 3 Recap
With Lemon Party and Pink Slip already having booked their slots in the quarter finals from Group A, the only thing left to decide was who would go in what order. Dusty’s team had the edge on Dark Carnival which leaves reigning MavWar champion Trice and his crew in a tight spot in the last 8 teams.
Although it was not expected to be played out, the match between Hate Culture and Optimistic Prime did happen, with the former team securing a victory in what was a non-factor of a match in terms of the Group A standings.
Coach Dave’s Academy turned up the wick by thrashing the living daylights out of Infected Minds on Haunted Forest, by the largest score differential in a single match during this tournament which was no mean feat considering that Infected Minds were in direct competition with Asian’s team in the third round game!
Group B ended with Warriors of Heaven beating a different-looking Yaeger Bagels to remain the only other undefeated team in the tournament besides Lemon Party.
Group C was 99% concluded already because of Hydro’s team getting a default win due to Royal Flush having already forfeited, and Lethal Assault Organization had a mathematically impossible task to get into the last eight. They did succeed in beating group winners Natus Vincere who were fielding a backup player, but many questions remain about what could’ve been as Group C was topped with both teams plus :Thinking: on 6 match points each.
Group D was the most climactic group of them all! Lovebone took control and dominated against The Gang, while Bravo Sucks At Tetris did the same against Beach Please. The entire group went right down to the wire and against most pre-tournament predictions, Rails Barlow’s team of underdogs ended up topping what proved to be a formidably strong group.
Although Purple’s team so very nearly topped the group themselves had they kept their lead against Lovebone in Round 2, they could still be a real threat to any opposition they face in the knockout stage!
The table of MVP awards as it stands after Round 3! Remember, the highest tally of awards at the end of the season, will determine who wins MVP of the tournament. Dusty (3) Bravo (3) Trice (2) Rails Barlow (2) Purple (2) Hydro (1) Lupe (1) Brittany (1) Leki (1)
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