NCI Couldn’t Handle The Weight

Fifteen matches pass and here we are. The Finals have arrived. By the time this “article” has been posted, it has already ended. The Maverick Warrior-Hype Tournament has come and gone. This is my summary of what has passed in this final match.

The first two rounds of the match were dominated by NCI. Fat Kids could not quite keep up. NCI were quick thinking and agile. They kept themselves sharp and alert. They were skillful enough to maintain a small lead, up until to the third round.

Screenshot 162

The third round was the point where Fat Kids were done warming up. Their muscles were done building up blood. They had given NCI the confidence that they deserved for making it this far, but it had gone on long enough.

The Fat Kids were ready to take charge(well, for one round).

Screenshot 163

NCI did well, until the Tank(Trice) came along. This was the turning point for the game. It was here where NCI fell behind. Trice’s Tank got the first cap/death on Mercy(Rochelle). It was not long before Trice and his buddies had mopped the floor with NCI.

Round 2 of Chapter 3, The Fat Kids saw their chance and they took it. The Fat Kids were not just going to bend over, after all they have been through. They inflicted a good amount of murder on their enemy Tank(Striking). They knew how to play it out and they did it right. It’s only a little disappointing that they did not make it the full round. They were slaughtered shortly after the Tank’s death.

Nonetheless, they managed to get a small lead on NCI, but with only one more chapter to go, this was still anyone’s game.

Screenshot 161

The Finale felt like the shortest chapter for me. Both teams made it about as far as each other. Fat Kids did really well against the first Tank, but soon after, they were just getting beaten on, non stop until GoSmoke’s event Tank spawned up and finished them off.

If only NCI still had that bit of lead from earlier, as their round played very much the same, with them even playing a bit better throughout most of it. I think this game would have been NCI’s, but one slip up took that all away.

The Fat Kids had defeated NCI.

Close from the beginning to end. The final score: 1789 to 1683

Congrats to both teams for making it to the Finals and destroying so many along the way(including each other). I am proud to have been able to watch from the shadows, the rise and fall of some of my own buddies. Props to every player and team that has participated in this Tournament, props to the game hosts, Punisher/The Owl and many more.

Rest in Peace, Hype and Tyme.

Later, everyone.

This collection of text was amateurishly composed by HardcoreParkourInACarportPart4