Luckydog’s Unlucky Bout

The first match of The Semi Finals has arrived. Carpel Tunnel is active, booties are sweaty and internal raging is imminent. This match provides us a nice faceoff between The Fat Kids and Green Bubble Tea.

First round was tainted with a bit of over confidence, displayed by our nuggets at Green Bubble. Perhaps those continuous successes got to their heads when they decided to outrun the Tank. Their method proved silly however, when they ran right into the collective fist of The Fat Kids. Green Bubble was wiped like a small village catching a Nuclear bomb.




The Fat Kids did well against the Tank and in terms of surviving did well to thwart the Tank and made it to the saferoom. Hilarious moment when Green’s Tank became an AI and while preparing a car to knock at his foes, ended up bouncing the car into a wall and back into himself. This killed him, as he was low in HP. This first round’s success resulted in a nice 503 point lead for the Fatties.

Anyways, throughout the matches, we witnessed a few displays of skill. Nintendog’s tank abilities combined with his team’s collective effort, allowed them knock Green back even further. Fat’s managed to make it a lot further in the previous round of Chapter 2.




Of course Green did play well this game, but were perhaps not playing their sharpest. Only a few mistakes, at a couple moments really kept them so far behind in points.

Props to Luckydog, in the third round, for making a getaway and avoiding a full wipe. Lucky(Rochelle) bolted toward the saferoom with a Jockey, Smoker, Charger and a Tank chasing after’em. He even managed to kill the Jockey, charger and smoker, when they all attempted to Jump him in the hallway to the saferoom. With a spawning boomer and a Tank behind him, he made it in and shut the door on those chumps.

Skipping to the Finale, we had little hope for Green’s success, considering the 807 point difference in the score. First round, player Nintendogs managed to outlive two of his teammates, completely untouched, at 100 HP. Sadly, his pride was shut down when player Zayna’s boomer left him vulnerable to Lucky dog’s car. Fatbox was the last to expire, with a charge into the water by the player Ahab.




Next round was identical to the first. Green died at the first Tank, with the last death being Luckydog, experiencing a similar fate to Box, courtesy of Box.

This match ended 1309 to 2116, the latter being The Fat Kids.

Important to note that Green Bubble Tea have not been knocked out of the MavWar-Hype Tournament, just yet. As a result of all of their successes and efforts, the two teams who make it to the Semi Finals, but have lost, will be given the chance to duke it out with one another for the spot of Third Place. This puts Green Bubble Tea against either “Nos Cacas lactabit” or “Blu Dynamite”, depending on which team loses Game 14.


This bit of information was amateurishly composed by this guy-