What change?

We are altering the killer rankings to reflect killer variety. As of some time this week, we are enforcing a new formula to the equation that calculates a killer’s rank on the Mavwar table. If you want to maintain your average score and your rank as highly as possible, you must rotate between at least 3 different killers in consecutive order: if you play the same killer again in either of the next two ranked PUGs, you will receive a penalty to your final score in the game with which you played the same killer.

Why does killer variety matter enough to implement this change?

Because for survivors, it’s incredibly tough to reach and maintain their average score within the god tier range. But compare their table to that of the killers before this rule was put in place, and you’d see that quite a number of people were within god tier range; almost 20% of all ranked killers at one point! Killers were able to play just their one favourite killer and build up their ranks and average scores almost effortlessly. On top of that, there is no denying that certain killers are better for accumulating higher totals of bloodpoints per ranked PUG than others.

The killer rankings are about who plays the killer side of the game best, it should not be about who plays Nurse, Hillbilly or just one single killer the entire time. Also, god tier status should be a much harder target to achieve, just like it is for the survivors. You can be proficient at just one killer, but you could also be inadequate with all the other killers on the roster, therefore it raises questions about one’s legitimacy in being a good ‘killer’ player. Besides, killer variety is a rule in our tournaments and leagues so it only makes sense to apply it to ranked PUGs as well.

How exactly does this work?

In order to avoid falling foul of the killer variety factor, each killer player must cycle between at least 3 different killers in ranked PUGs (tournaments and leagues are separate; they have their own killer variety rules and thus have no impact on your killer rotation in the rankings). When the rankings show your killer order, it should appear like this as an example:

Wraith, Hillbilly, Nurse

What this means is that with this rotation, 3 different killers have been used and not one of them has been played twice within the same 3 ranked PUGs. Therefore, this example would suffer no penalties of any kind. If the player wanted to play Wraith again, the order would be like this:

Hillbilly, Nurse, Wraith

So in 4 ranked PUGs in total, this player has played Wraith twice, but because they adhered to the 3-killer rotation correctly, the player is free to play Wraith a 2nd time without the risk of being penalised for it. In their 5th ranked PUG, the player can choose Hillbilly without a penalty and so on.

What happens if there isn’t enough killer rotation?

Let’s say this happened in two ranked PUGs in succession:

Hillbilly, Hillbilly

The first ranked PUG is fine, however, because Hillbilly was used in the very next ranked PUG by the same player, they have broken the rotation. That means that in their 2nd ranked PUG, they would receive a penalty of 20% to their final score for that game. The penalty applies at the very end; after all other factors including perkless bonus. Take this simple example based on the same player using Hillbilly twice in a row:

2nd ranked PUG final score = 25,000 points, -20% = 20,000 points

At 20%, the penalty is enough to completely negate the 25% perkless bonus. Now look what happens if the player plays only one killer all the time with this example:

Nurse, Nurse, Nurse

The same rule applies for having played two games in a row: the 2nd ranked PUG will net a 20% penalty to this player’s final score. But they have also played 3 successive ranked PUGs as Nurse. When that happens, the 3rd ranked PUG will result in a 20% penalty to that player’s final score.

30,000 x 25% perkless bonus = 37,500

37,500 – 30% penalty = 26,250

So as you can see, playing the same killer over and over again, will penalise killers enough to the point where it’s impossible to achieve god tier. The simplest way to understand killer order and how not to fall foul of it is this:

If your killer rotation order has 3 different killers at all times, you will receive no penalties (Nurse, Hillbilly, Wraith)

If your killer rotation order has 1 killer listed twice, your score from that killer’s latest ranked PUG will be deducted by 20% (Nurse, Hillbilly, Nurse)

If your killer rotation order has 1 killer for your last 3 ranked PUGs, your score from that killer’s latest ranked PUG will be deducted by 30% (Nurse, Nurse, Nurse)

If you’re trying to promote killer variety, why limit it to just 3 killers?

That question can be answered simply with just one abbreviation: DLC. Not every single player out there owns the content DLCs, therefore not everyone will have the full roster of killers at their disposal. The least that all players can have is 4 killers if you include the Nurse who is part of the game as free DLC.