Fat Chance Of Survival For The Psychotic Trio

Game 6 starts off and for unknown reasons, “Psychotics” are missing a team member and “The Fat Kids” have a -400 point(penalty). Things are lookin’ good already.

An immediate Tank(Box) initiates the hustle for “Psychotics”, while not having too much luck in battle.  She fought long enough to knock Louis(Alpha) onto his bottom, but did not survive much longer after this single victory. After his passing, the crew(Psychotics) continued with relative ease, all the way into the saferoom. Not much else to say, other than Bot Bill being a competent ally for the Psychotics in this round.

Screenshot (558)

Second Half, the Tank(Happyguy49) did not have too much fun, as he was shut down rather quickly. This time was a little rough for the Psychos, as they just couldn’t pull off consistent, well connected attacks. This was no fault of their own, but the fault of their missing team member(rumored to have been arrested in Cuba for selling bricked, mid 2000, Nokia phones to street kids).

While still having more game points than the Psychos, “Fat Kids” were technically still behind due to their -400 point penalty. The second chapter started off 548 to 480, the latter being the Fat Kids.

Not too far into this round, the Tank(Alpha) arrived and with help from his two buddies, managed to get a swift, dry, wipe on the enemy Team’s collective booty holes.

I figured the survivor run was gonna be a piece of pie for our friends over at Psychotics, but they seemed to not have it all in check this time around. Especially considering bot Zoey was not as talented as Bot Bill, from the previous chapter. The team was separated and picked apart, in a matter of moments. It was over before the fat lady could even fart.

By the third chapter, I began to realize that the excitement just wasn’t going to happen this game. This is not necessarily anyone’s fault, but this one just seemed to be a bit of a drag for the players. There was too much riding against the Psychotics and there just didn’t seem to be that level of morale, normally there in a “proper” game.

Screenshot (561)

Not to say the Psychotics and the Fat Kids didn’t put genuine effort into their playing, because as far as I can tell, they still seemed to have some of that fire.

Whatever, on to the 3rd chapter.

A good Tank on Tox’s part, due to lack of support, he died without doing very much dmg, but still managed to pull off a few swings on his enemies ripe jaws. The Fat Kids made it into the saferoom, but not without a few good slugs to their noggins. Sadly, I can’t say the same for the Psychotics, who were picked off, one by one until Louis(Tox) met his demise in a place no better fitting than a graveyard. Good stuff.

By the 4th chapter, it was all kind of a mess, Random people joining the Psychotics 4th spot and then leaving(Gem), and just more losing on the side of the Psychotics.

By the Final Chapter, this game was over like Jared Fogle’s relationship with Subway. The Fat Kids being 2733 to Psychotics 1345, a massive difference in points. This match consisted of disheartened players and a fun surprise by our buddy KillaToy. Killa joined in to fill in the psychotics 4th spot in the last chapter, but crashed and the spot was refilled by The other host; Rails. Overall, the most exciting factor of this game was Rails and Killatoy’s energy. Couldn’t have kept my patience without’em.

Screenshot (563)

Props to “Psychotics” for sticking it out to the end and playing relatively well, despite their situation and props to “The Fat Kids” for winning.

Final score: 2996 – 1409, the former being The Fat Kids.



This “article” was amateurishly written by HardcoreParkourInACarportPart4