Dumpster Jumper Zoey Saves Her Allies

Alright, so Game 8 begins and we are forced to completely ignore the absence of Game 7. For those who don’t know, Game 7 never happened, as one of the competing teams “Ambitious Fools” were disqualified from the MavWar Hype Tournament, as a result of an alleged conspiracy. This forfeit also assures the advancement of both team NCI and The Fat Kids into the knockout stage.

Anyways, let’s move on.

Match Number 8 was probably the most normal bout yet. No hardcore drama, missing players, or conspiracy plots, just a small 10% penalty for Green Bubble Tea. Both teams did well in this game, giving their opposition some nice poundings, while still managing to protect their own butts, every now and then.

I can’t say there were too many Ultra, Legendary, stand out moments in this game. Things were pretty chill for a L4D match, in my abysmal opinion. It was mostly the usual Tank-wipeouts and zombie moshing.


From the first round and on, team “Green Bubble Tea” managed to maintain a decent lead over our friends at “Blu Dynamite”. It wasn’t until the 4th round that Green Bubbles got their massive lead. Early in the round, the Greens were womping the enemy Tank(Khufu) and player “MeowMeow” pretty much jumped over one of his flying dumpsters. Shortly after the tanks death, “MeowMeow” was left standing alone, but still managed to protect and bring up her fallen allies.

The pain continued however, as Blu Dynamites delivered a handful of beatings to our Green friends consistently, all the way till their inevitable deaths.


It was sad to see Blu Dynamite fall so quickly during the next half of round 4. I believed in them, but the player Lucky’s Tank must have believed in his dumpster just a bit more.

The Dynamites may have lost this game, but they showed explosive skill throughout and especially during the final chapter. Though the odds(and fate) were against them, the Blu man group absolutely astonished the Greens, in the last round with Julz’s Tank delivering Hell upon them. They were finished.

Blu Dynamite managed to womp their enemy Tank(Zayna) and proceed much farther into the Finale, but the glory of this achievement was overshadowed by the Loss they had already been awarded.


Player MeowMeow was the one to remind them all “what’s is up”, when she gave player Khufu the head riding of a lifetime.

It was all finally over. Players seemed chill, some players seemed relieved. It was a “gg”. Final score being 1156(Green) – 760(Blu)


This “article” was amateurishly written by HardcoreParkourInACarportPart4