Boom! Game 15 Is Real Now

We’ve come quite far, haven’t we? Anyways, this mah fuckin’ tourny is near it’s climax. This match is sort of strange, because it is after the semi finals, but also before the finals. This match decides the team for third place.

I’ll be honest, I think this match is basically just a bonus match that attempts to give credit to those who have made it far in the tournament. Both teams, not just the winner. Not that that is a bad thing in a any way.

Reporting unbiased, Blu Dynamite simply outplayed Green. Green Bubble Tea did massive amounts of pummeling throughout this tournament, but their reign has been compromised by just enough for them to lose these last two matches.

Blu Dynamite seemed to never lose their sheen throughout this tournament. They just kept going and going. Green Bubble, I feel started off as a superior team in this tournament and then for whatever reason, began to lack just a little.

Not that it matters anyway, because this is a video game we are talking about, but still, deep down, I imagined Green Bubble Tea making to the finals of the MavWar-Hype Tournament. It really is a matter of consistency, rather than spontanious skill.

Whateva, on to the match itself.

Both teams played great. These nuggets properly played their roles in destroying one another. However, one team was destined to out do the other in some way (in)significant.

Screenshot (719)

Blu Dynamite managed to survive just a bit longer than Green Bubble throughout most rounds of this game. Both teams played on par. I don’t think there was a better team here. One mistake can and almost always compromises a match between teams who are roughly equivalent in skill.

Screenshot (721)

I’m not even a very good player(despite my hours), so my critical opinion isn’t one to be taken too seriously, but I would imagine both teams being somewhat on par. I can’t truly judge this match, I can only sum it up.

Instead of being descriptive, I’ll just end my nonsense.

This game wrapped up 2152 – 2013, the former being Blu Dynamite. This was the second match between Green and Blu. It was kinda of cool seeing Blu get their win, considering Green served Blu in their previous bout.

Screenshot (723)

Bippity bop bop, pop. We have one more game to face. The awaited Game 16. THE FINALS.

THE END IS NEAR! Fear it and revere it. Blu Dynamite has achieved 3rd place.

Now who will get first place? Stay tuned, bitches.

Coming soon, Nos Cacas Iactabit vs The Fat Kids. Match 16 is upon us all. Lube yourself up and stuff your face in the pillow. Thank you all.

This collection of text was amateurishly composed by HardcoreParkourInACarportPart4