Blu Dynamite Finally Explodes, The Semi Finals Conclude

Game 14 and the 2nd match of the Semi Finals is now a part of reality. This match pits two hardcore teams against one another; Nos Cacas Iactabit and Blu Dynamite. Things ain’t smellin’ good right about now.

First round, NCI were the survivors and we experienced a glitch of some sort(involving the AI Tank) and a few annoying pauses. Both teams did their thing and played proper.


Blu managed to out do NCI in their survivor run, but I could smell somethin’ a brewin’; a dark and steemy fate for our Blu Dynamite.

Second chapter had Blu Dynamite getting womped before the event, meanwhile Cacas managed to at least survive until Tank. Still a close game, yet I could feel it, deep down, through the vents, in the air. We could all smell it; The end of a saga.

This was still a close game, up until Chapter 3. That’s when we saw the Blu’s fall from grace. I’d be pretty disheartened, if my team and I were smashed into oblivion, by the Tank(GoSmoke), before even getting more than 45 points. This is exactly what happened to Blu. NCI pick up a decent lead this time. They not only thrashed player Cookie’s Tank, but also made it over halfway through the map.


Fourth chapter comes and Blu get held back a bit more in points, with most of NCI making it to the saferoom, while Blu died before the event. It was too bad these two rounds had played out the way they did, as Blu did manage to make it further in the Finale, but only by a small amount.


This game was riddled with pauses. I don’t know why it bugs me so much, but it does. Other than that, good game.

The final score was 2123(NCI) to 1534(Blu).

Farewell to Blu Dynamite. You were ma’ boys, Blu.  See you in 3rd place.


This “article” was amateurishly written by HardcoreParkourInACarportPart4