Ambition Was Not Enough To Thwart The “Psychotics”

It was a game that started and ended with each team so close to one another that they could each nearly smell the opposition’s collective neck sweat.


By the First round, one billboard sized mistake had gotten the “Fools” throttled by the Tank(Alpha); “Gem” however, managed to escape the mosh pit only long enough to die alone from a head riding, courtesy of “happyguy49”. This wipe was not nearly as embarrassing as “Psychotics'” decision in the second half of the first round to shoot the alarm car and then prance forward, only to spawn the Tank, unleashing their own unnecessary demise.


It seemed in nearly every round, that the game would be turned to the favor of the “Psychotics”, only for them to be hammered in a similar fashion, during the second half.

By the last round it was 1252 to 992; the leading team being “Ambitious Fools”. It wasn’t until the finale that the “Psychotics” would finally overcome those smug chaps over at “Ambitious Fools”.


The first half ended in a hot second, when the Tank(Alpha) spawned the moment the “Fools” had left the saferoom; never giving them a chance to see the outside world one more time and left them dying in a dark, bloody hallway, together.

Next half, It had seemed as if the “Psychotics” would be doomed to eternal Hellfire when the player “Made for DMG” managed to pull off a 3 person boom, mere seconds after the “Psychotics” had emerged from their safe haven, but it was only a minor setback for them. These beautiful sons of bitches had spirit and despite an enraged horde of dead Midnight Rider fans and Satan(Mause) coming for them in Tank form, they prevailed.


There was dodging, there were m2’s and there was blood. The team managed to drag out this round and prolong their lives long enough to surpass their adversaries score and win this match 1408 to 1312.



This “article” was amateurishly written by HardcoreParkourInACarportPart4